A History of Family Traditions


It all started out when one night, we had this great idea of finally opening a shop that would satisfy our big network of friends and family. They would always want work done and because one car turned into two, two to four etc, our home garage started to get a little cramped. So what did we do? We gathered the family, put our ideas together and Elite Auto Finish was born, right in our living room. Our father always wanted the family to have our own shop, and his kids to own their own businesses. While also having worked for multiple shops in the area, it wasn't until we came of age that we had the ability to finally manifest it. His vast experience in the collision repair industry paired with our tech savyness, education, ability to learn the trade, and entrepreneurial spirit helped Elite Auto Finish become the shop we are today. To this day, we service the entire HKA area, service multiple rental car agencies, have paint and repair service contracts with other big shops, and are the lead painters for the ever historic Delorean Motor Company (DMCTX) which ships our paint finishes to Delorean customers across the globe. Automotive repairs have been  a tradition in our family for decades, and we hope we can pass that tradition on to yours.